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Slick purchase is a small USA based company dealing with buying and selling of books. Slick purchase is an advanced online book search engine that enables you to search for the books that you want by inputting ISSN, ISBN, author's name, book title or keywords. All you need to do is enter any thing you know about the book and our search engine will give you the list of book that you were searching for.
Slick purchase has been gaining popularity as it similar to other top leading book search engine like Amazon and Google. We have stored it all for you, from Shakespeare to Sidney Sheldon, we have it all. We proceed with a single aim to grow the book loving community by providing easy and affordable deals on books.
On you can find price and compare between new and used books across USA. We buy/sell over 10 million books using our own search engine. Our search engine compares book prices across 20+ online stores with each store having thousands of sellers and millions of books.

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